Sunrise SIM card

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The smart SIM card from Sunrise

  • Mini, micro, and nano SIM combined in one SIM card, all you have to do is choose the format you need
  • Supports the add-on option Mobile ID for securely logging into online portals and into e-banking
  • Block/unblock your SIM card in My Sunrise any time or order and activate a new SIM card as necessary

Popular topics

  • Lost or stolen SIM card

    • If your card is lost or stolen, you can block it at any time in My Sunrise.
    • If you find your card again, you can also unblock it any time.
  • New SIM card

    • You can order a new SIM card any time in My Sunrise.
    • You will receive a universal SIM card (Smart SIM) that fits any mobile phone and supports Mobile ID.
    • The cost of activating and sending your new card will appear on your next bill.
    Tip: If you urgently need the new SIM card, you can have a new SIM card issued immediately in a Sunrise shop .
  • New customer
    Your SIM card is already activated. You can use it starting on the activation date of your mobile subscription.

    Existing customer switching a SIM card
    You can activate your new SIM card in My Sunrise.

  • Tip: You can reset your PIN code online at any time in My Sunrise .  

    PIN code
    As the original PIN code usually will be changed, Sunrise does not know it. If you've forgotten your PIN code, please do the following to get a new one:

    1. Enter an incorrect PIN code three times. Your SIM card is now blocked and requests the PUK code.
    2. Enter your PUK code. You can access your PUK code conveniently online in My Sunrise.
    3. After you enter your PUK code, your SIM card will be unblocked again. Then you will be asked to set a new PIN code.

    PUK code
    You can access your PUK code conveniently online in My Sunrise.

    • You can hand the find in to a lost property office, a police station, or a Sunrise shop.
    • Sunrise will then inform the owner of what steps to take.  
    Important: As Sunrise, like all telecom providers, is committed to data protection, we are unable to give out any customer information in the event that a mobile is found.

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