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With the best customer hotline in Switzerland.

Sunrise UPC offers the best customer hotline

As winner of the connect Mobile Network Hotline Test 2022, Sunrise UPC received the highest rating of «OUTSTANDING» and achieved a new record of 476 points out of a maximum of 500. With this performance, Sunrise UPC customer hotline is leaving all other providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the dust. 

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Staying connected with friends and family is more than just about the devices you use. It’s also about the quality of service you receive when using those products. As a Sunrise customer, you benefit from award winning service across all aspects – on our hotline, online, in our stores and while accessing our network.

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Our Awards

Our impeccable service has won us a multitude of awards, with quality, reliability, and friendliness being just a few of its aspects coming in for high praise.

Our customer service is also number one in the customer barometer on mobile network providers in Switzerland in 2019.

When it comes to the customer barometer on Internet providers in Switzerland, our customer service team is top of the class in 2019.

The consultation service that customers receive at our Sunrise Shops is outstanding. This is also confirmed by the Connect Shop Test 2019.

Not only independent rankings, but also our customers rate us as having excellent service. This award means the world to us, as customers are our number one.