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We would like to thank you for staying at home with us and supporting Switzerland during lockdown.

Throughout lockdown, we have provided you with support in the form of various measures, and we very much hope that these measures have made your life easier during lockdown.

The lockdown is now being gradually lifted and you can once again start thinking about life beyond your own four walls. With lockdown being eased, we will therefore also be rolling back our measures step by step.

Thank you again for staying at home. We wish you and your family all the best heading into the future!

And just to let you know, all our shops are open again and ready to answer any questions you may have about our products and optimization options. In addition, you can still reach us by phone on 0800 707 505.


Unlimited data for all mobile customers

To ensure that you could stay in touch with your loved ones during lockdown, we made the speed booster option available to you free of charge. This gift will continue to apply until May 31, 2020, and is only available to customers with a Sunrise Freedom mobile subscription.

For those on subscriptions with limited data volume, it will be worth continuing to have the speed booster option activated, as for just CHF 1.20/day, you can continue to surf without limits even after the data volume included in your subscription has been used up. You can find more information here.

Your internet speed will increase for free

To help you cope with increased home office demands during lockdown, we provided you with the fastest possible Internet speed free of charge*. In June, we will migrate your Internet back to your subscription’s normal performance.

Top entertainment for only CHF 2.-

This offer was valid until 04/30/2020, but you can still enjoy top films and series on demand at an attractive price. You will find the films directly in the Video on Demand store on your Sunrise TV Box.

HollyStar Kids: 3 months for free

Keep your children entertained! From March 27, 2020, all our customers can have the Hollystar Kids package for free, until June 30, 2020.

You can easily activate the HollyStar Kids Package on your Sunrise TV Box or via My Sunrise. Simply start Video on Demand (VoD) with your remote control and select the Hollystar Kids package. Or activate Kids TV in the navigation via the "Options" category. Enter the PIN code (default: 1234) and enjoy!

Apple Music: 6 months for free

Build your own soundtrack to suit your mood. With 6 months of Apple Music for free, you’ve got more than enough music to never have to hear the same song twice! All you need to do is text: MUSIC to 5522, and follows the instructions. For more details, please visit the following page.

*Automatic, free of charge increase of the internet speed at home, takes into account the individual technical conditions at the customer's site, such as physical cable performance, modem, converter. Change of access technology excluded. For very slow fixed network lines, the possibility of a Mobile Broadband solution can be considered/requested as a supplement.

Support for SMEs

When ordering new services (e.g. Work Smart solutions for home office), we will waive the first three months of fees for SME customers. Valid for contracts signed by 05/31/2020.

Extension of the payment period

We understand that the situation is putting a strain on the economy, especially on small businesses. Therefore, we’re accommodating SME companies in the current situation and extending your payment periods for 3 months as of April (until end of June).

Sunrise Shops

Need to get out? We have reopened all our shops for your convenience (exceptions: Opfikon, Ambassador House). Our Advisors will be happy to greet you from a 2m distance! We ask you to avoid cash payments if possible and to prefer your debit or credit card for health reasons.

Customer service

Wherever you want to meet, be it online, over the phone, or in person, we are there.

  • Want some freedom? My Sunrise, our digital self-service platform, is available 24/7. Here you can administer Sunrise services, check bills, and do a whole bunch of other tricks.

  • Keen to hear a friendly voice? Our Customer Service team are ready and able to support on 0800 707 707 during our standard opening hours:

    8 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sun: 9 a.m.-10 p.m.
The Sunrise Network

The backbone of everything, our network is solid and keeps you connected. For years, Sunrise has focused heavily on investing in a high-quality network. So we have plenty of capacity for data and calling, there is no need to worry.

You don’t need to just take our word for it though. According to allestörungen.ch, we offer the most available services in comparison to the largest four telecommunication providers in Switzerland.

Remark: The validity dates of all services mentioned above will be reassessed in line with the current situation. The measures are valid for private customers, small businesses and those self-employed.

Frequent questions

  • Yes. Our shop employees look forward to welcoming you – from a distance of 2 meters! For health reasons, we kindly request that you pay cashless if possible and use your debit or credit card instead.
  • How do I know that my Internet speed has been increased by Sunrise?
    All customers with increased Internet speed have been informed via SMS and/or e-mail.

    How will this show up on my bill?
    Your existing Internet package will show up on your bill, nothing in addition.

    What if I already have super-fast internet? What do I get?
    If you already have our super-fast Internet, that’s great! With this offer, our primary goal was to ensure that those customers whose Internet requirements have probably changed because they need to work from home, school their children from the living room, etc. can keep up with their temporary additional needs.

    What if I have a really slow, fixed line Internet connection, with no other possibility?
    If you have slow, fixed line Internet there may be options for you to use mobile broadband as a solution. Feel free to contact us on 0800 707 505 to order a mobile broadband solution directly.

    Will you send a technician out to upgrade my Internet?
    There’s no need. We managed to carry out all speed upgrades remotely on our back-end systems.

    Do you recommend using a hotspot from my mobile phone to help reduce the demand on the internet at home?
    This is an option, however your battery will drain quickly if using this for longer period of time. What we can recommend, if you’d like to boost your internet capacity, is an additional mobile broadband package. Find out more about these options here.

    Will I continue to have enough speed to work from home?
    All customers on any rate above a “start” subscription should be able to work without problems. In the vast majority of cases, even “start” subscribers should be able to continue working from home as usual. If you still wish to upgrade your speed, we are happy to advise you at 0800 707 505.

    Is my line suitable for a VPN connection?
    Yes. Your company’s IT will need to guide you on the set-up of this, but technically it’s possible.

    Can my family stream videos and entertainment while I work without it affecting our experience?
    Sunrise’s network is strong and we have plenty of capacity for all Internet uses. However, within your own home, your experience may be affected by what you are doing online. Participating in video calls will obviously use more capacity than a video-less Skype call. Call us to discuss options if you feel your speeds and bandwidth aren’t enough so we can discuss potential solutions with you.

  • How can I get unlimited data on my mobile phone?
    Log into My Sunrise and turn on the “speed booster” package. It’s free until May 31, 2020. Afterwards, the data volume included with your subscription will apply. If you use up your volume and continue to have an active “speed booster”, further unlimited surfing will cost CHF 1.20/day. You can deactivate the “speed booster” at any time in My Sunrise.

    For how long will I be able to use the speed booster for free? 
    From March 21 until May 31, 2020.

    How will this show up on my bill?
    This speed booster will be shown on your bill as free (i.e. CHF 0.–) until May 31, 2020. Afterwards, you will be billed CHF 1.20/day, only if you use the option and have used up all your included data.

    What mobile plans are eligible for unlimited data (i.e. the free Speed Booster)?

    • 4evr Freedom swiss calls
    • 4evr Freedom swiss start
    • Bus. swiss calls SIM Only
    • Bus. swiss calls plus SIM Only
    • Bus. swiss calls plus
    • Bus. swiss calls
    • Bus. swiss start SIM Only
    • Bus. swiss start
    • Freedom Young swiss calls
    • Freedom Young swiss start plus
    • Freedom Young swiss start
    • Freedom entry extra
    • Freedom swiss calls extra
    • Freedom swiss calls light
    • Freedom swiss calls plus
    • Freedom swiss calls
    • Freedom swiss start extra
    • Freedom swiss start light
    • Freedom swiss start
    • Sunrise 4evr Freedom myfriends
    • Sunrise 4evr Freedom start
    • Sunrise 4evr Freedom swiss
    • Sunrise Freedom classic light
    • Sunrise Freedom classic
    • Sunrise Freedom start light
    • Sunrise Freedom start
    • Sunrise Young myfriends light
    • Sunrise Young myfriends
    • Sunrise Young start light
    • Sunrise Young start
    • Sunrise Young swiss
    • Sunrise forever myfriends
    • Sunrise forever swiss
    • Take Away Freedom classic
    • Take Away Freedom max
    • Take Away Freedom relax
    • Take Away Freedom start

    What if I have a prepaid mobile with Sunrise?
    This support is only available to customers with post-paid mobile plans on Sunrise.

    Why can’t I use the “speed booster” option for free anymore? 
    In light of the relaxations carried out by BAG, we have decided to gradually step down our measures helping customers through the corona crisis. 

    Will Sunrise automatically increase my data allowance?
    Unfortuantely, while we can zero the costs, we can’t turn this on for you. You need to turn this on yourself by logging into My Sunrise and turning on the “Speed Booster” package

    Do you recommend using a hotspot from my mobile phone to help reduce the demand on the internet at home?
    This is an option, however your battery will drain quickly if using this for longer period of time. What we can recommend, if you’d like to boost your internet capacity, is an additional mobile broadband package. Find out more about these options here.

  • What movies can I choose from for CHF 2 a week?
    This measure is not valid anymore. A selection of 15 movies will be made available each week, changing each Friday and costing only CHF 2.– each.