Exclusive offer for you


You benefit from an exclusive Sunrise advantage. You receive an exclusive discount on all Sunrise Freedom and MTV mobile Freedom subscriptions.

Which conditions do I benefit from?

Under exclusive conditions, you can profit from following benefits:

  • 60% exclusive discount: applicable to all Sunrise Freedom mobile Subscriptions, including MTV mobile and applies to basic monthly fee
  • Up to 5 mobile subscriptions with discount: you are eligible for discount of 60% for max. 5 mobile subscriptions – for yourself, your family members or friends (all subscriptions have to be registered under your account – one invoice).

Sunrise Advantages: Combine your mobile subscription with Sunrise Home and profit from the Sunrise Advantage. You get a 10 % additional Combo discount on the basic fee for all your products on the same bill. With Sunrise Home, you can freely combine high-speed Internet and digital TV according to your needs. Find out more on sunrise.ch/home


  • You visit a Sunrise center and submit a form authorizing you to participate in this discount program. Then you will receive the corresponding discounts on select products. The information and forms are stored in the Sunrise system for later purchases or product changes. 
  • The offer is available at all Sunrise center locations. To find out where these are, see our Web site: www.sunrise.ch/shopfinder .
  • No, authentication can only be performed at a Sunrise center. As soon as you have been authorized by the Sunrise center, however, you may sign up for all other subscriptions directly in our online shop and will then receive the employee discount for those, as well.
  • Up to 5 mobile subscriptions per customer. Family members also benefit from this program. Sole condition: all subscriptions must be under your customer account, and will be charged on one bill.
  • Yes, you can activate up to five mobile subscriptions. However, all of them must be under your Sunrise customer number. That means the subscriptions will be registered under your Sunrise customer number and invoiced or transferred to it if existing Sunrise subscriptions are concerned. 
  • The Contract owner is the person named in the eligibility authorization form.
  • This is not possible.
  • You can reorder your authorization form under special care number: 0800 003 003.
  • The FoF discount is also available to existing Sunrise customers with Sunrise Freedom subscriptions. Customers with other products can also take part by switching to the current Freedom portfolio (depending on the product, migration fees may be incurred). The FoF discount is not cumulative with other special discounts.
  • Yes, number portability is definitely possible. 

Subscription Changes, Support:

  • As long as you are Sunrise partner on the same basis as today, you will keep your discount. Discount is reviewed every 18 months. You will be informed timely, and just need to resubmit the authorization form as at the beginning.
  • Customer support is provided via all standard Private customers contact channels (hotlines, social media, websites, etc.). For more information please visit the www.sunrise.ch/contact
  • Yes, you can change your subscription(s) any time, according to your needs. The special discount will apply automatically to your new subscription.
  • You can find all of the information about your subscriptions in "My Sunrise" at www.sunrise.ch/mysunrise
  • The staff at our Sunrise center will be happy to assist you with your requests. Come visit us.
  • You can find current rates on our Web site at www.sunrise.ch/international or www.sunrise.ch/roaming
  • Yes. You can find additional options for roaming with complete cost control at www.sunrise.ch/roaming .
  • Definitely. You can change your subscription options directly in "My Sunrise": www.sunrise.ch/mysunrise .

Additional questions and contact information

Sunrise will be happy to answer any other general questions you might have regarding our subscriptions and products. Our contact information is available at: www.sunrise.ch/contact

If you need additional information about the program, you can contact us using your personal service number 0800 003 003 (Mon.–Fri. 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.)

Or send us your question via the contact form: