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Entertainment Bundle

Apple AirPods Gifted

Combined offer: iPad with mobile internet comfort.

Order Mobile internet comfort together with an iPad for CHF 41.– a month
and get  Apple Airpods worth 179.– as a gift.

Apple iPad 10.2" 32GB Cellular (2019)

Color : Space Gray
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React.OneClickBuy.devicePrice 399.-

  • Apple AirPods second generation (worth CHF 179.-) as a gift. Only for new mobile internet comfort subscriptions when bought with Apple iPad Cellular incl. Device plan (total installment price CHF 529.- and CHF 1.- down payment, no interests, no fees) without discount and with a minimum contract term of 24 months. Offer is limited to one Apple AirPods per customer and valid only for Swiss residents. Offer not available for existent mobile broadband plans with discounted base fees. Sunrise reserves the right to introduce additional exclusions. Change to subscriptions with higher basic fee possible at any time. If you switch subscriptions during the minimum contract duration to a tariff below mobile internet comfort, you will be charged a downgrade fee of CHF 179.–.

    In the event of cancellation before the end of the minimum contract period, the monthly recurring basic fees up to the end of the minimum contract period and a fee of CHF 179 must be paid.

    This promotion is valid from 1.07.2020 – 31.07.2020, only while stocks last. One-off activation fee of CHF 55.–.