Overview of our offers for calling from home

Landline package with Sunrise Home

In our Sunrise Home packages, Sunrise phone start, the basic landline product, is included for free. Make unlimited calls to all Swiss landline and mobile networks by upgrading to Sunrise phone comfort (CHF 15.–/month). Order Sunrise phone comfort and make calls from home as often as you want for as long as you want.

An additional Internet connection from Sunrise is needed for Sunrise phone.

Online advantage: Save up to CHF 49.00 per new subscription by not paying the activation fee.

Landline without package with call+

Only want Sunrise landline service? Then make calls to Swiss landline networks at the low rate of 6 ct./min. Benefit from favorable rates for calls to mobile networks and abroad as well

Offers for small businesses

International calls

Your loved ones live all over the world and just a phone call away. Make international calls affordably with Sunrise.

Additional options for landline calling

Ways to save on calls abroad

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