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Internet booster

HTC 5G Hub with Mobile Internet for only CHF 59.-/month

Promotion is not binding


Buy the HTC 5G HUB together with the Mobile Internet Unlimited 5G subscription
for only CHF 59.– instead of 94.– per month and save CHF 840.– the next 24 months.

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React.OneClickBuy.downPaymentFrom 1.-

React.OneClickBuy.devicePrice 841.-

Always available with 5G.

Whether on the train, in a café, or at home: The HTC hub will automatically look for the fastest possible connection. In locations where 5G is not yet available, you will continue surfing using 4G+.

Connection for 20 devices.

5G stays quick, even when being used by multiple people and devices. The same goes for the HTC hub: Up to 20 devices can use it as their router at the same time and surf at the highest speeds.

Battery all day.

Wherever you go, the handily-sized router will be by your side, providing you access to the quickest network all day long thanks to its long-lasting battery.

Smart functions.

With its Android 9 operating system, the router also functions as a smart hub. The router offers the same functions as your tablet or smartphone: You can download apps, play games, work, or stream 4K movies.

A hotspot with a wide range of smart functions.

Check your coverage

Mobile internet

Surf unlimited with all your devices, also on the go!

Online only: Save the activation fee of CHF 55.–  (incl. free SIM card).

Thanks to the extra SIM Watch option, you can also use your mobile subscription on your smartwatch. Click here for more information. 

  • Offer available for new customers. The combo offer for CHF 59.-/month in total includes the Mobile Internet internet unlimited 5G rate plan valued at CHF 24.- (instead of CHF 59.-/month) and a HTC 5G hub with device plan and 24 monthly installments valued at CHF 35.-.  The promotion is valid for 24 months but it is not binding. Total installment price CHF 841.-. CHF 1.- down payment, no interests, no fees. The change to a rate plan with a lower base fee results in a loss of the discount. Activation fee including SIM card CHF 55.-. Customer benefitting from a temporary or ongoing discounted or promotional rate plans are not eligible for this promotion.  Offer valid until 30.04.2020