All about the new network generation

First on 5G in Switzerland

5G from Sunrise. Great benefits.

The new 5G standard was developed to provide more efficient and more powerful communication and comes with a range of advantages.

Ultra-short response times

Direct access to content of your favorite apps – without any waits!

Maximum speed

Download and enjoy your favorite films within a few seconds.

Expanded capacity

Parallel streaming without any loss of speed – for the entire family.

This is where you find 5G from Sunrise

Already from February 2021 we are supplying 713 cities/towns throughout Switzerland with 5G. Our first focus is to concentrate on customers who do not have a fibre-optic connection at home or in the company.

5G - simply explained

The Sunrise 5G universe

5G is here. Enjoy a more reliable connection at the busiest spots, speeds you’ve never seen before, and virtually immediate connection.