Basic installation

Get on the Internet quickly and easily with our installation service.

Practical and economical service

No time or desire to deal with installation of routers, connections, etc.? No problem. Our technician will install your complete Sunrise Home package. Our experts will install and connect Internet, landline and TV for you. 

Conveniently add installation service during the order process for Sunrise Home or order it directly on help.

These services are included in the installation package "basic installation":

Installation service packages
One time cost (CHF)
Basic installation + Connection provision (*3. Connection to the network) One time cost (CHF)189.-
Basic installation
One time cost (CHF)139.-
*3. Connection to the network  is necessary if the ordering process shows that the connection requires the provision by an electrician.
One time cost (CHF) 

Not included in the scope of services:

  • Installation and laying of wiring of any kind
  • Installation and assembly of TV screens and home cinemas
  • Hardware accessories (such as ethernet cable and powerline connection kit)

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