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Channel update

  • We have added some new channels to the portfolio, which is affecting the slots of a few other channels.

    New channels

    Sat.1 emotions, Comedy Central F, Canal+ Docs, 1+1 International


    The French entertainment packages have been expanded and optimized with lots of great and exciting channels.

    The new channel and price overview can be found here: /

  • We are constantly improving our channel offerings to always offer you the best TV experience. To keep you up to date, we regularly inform you of new TV channels that have become available, or about channel updates – and provide you with the new channel lists at a glance.

    All updates and changes will only affect the Sunrise We TV Box and will take place automatically. You don’t need to do anything more.

    What is new?

    New channel order

    We are adjusting the channel order and assigning a new channel slot to some TV channels. New channels can now be found in channel slots 42, 43, 44 and 60, for example. This has an effect on a few other channels. You can find the new order in the following PDFs.

    New channels

    • ORFSport+
    • as of 8 March 2022: 3+ UHD, 4+ UHD and TV24 UHD (the replay and recording function for these channels are exclusively available for the HD channels)

    Premium Plus DE

    New: Nicktoons and Spiegel Wissen

TV channel lists

dynamic TV channel list 

  • 1.     Select your language region (German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland or Ticino)

    2.     Click on the individual headings to see the various channel categories (e.g., UPC TV or Premium Plus)

    3.     You can apply additional filters. Filter by channel language or Replay function, or show channels that are available on the Sunrise UPC TV App. You can also search for individual channels via the search function.

    To view further information on the individual channels, simply click on the channel. 

  • Channel overview briefly explained: At the top left you can see the channel number. At the top right you can see the channel's features:

    • Channel is available on the Sunrise UPC TV App
    • Channel has Replay functionality
    • Channel is broadcast in HD