The best series and movies for home

Film enjoyment no longer knows any boundaries. Because: Netflix is part of Sunrise TV. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy unlimited movies, series and more.

With the launch of Sunrise’s new Up TV XL subscription with Netflix Standard plan included you have:

  • All in one place

  • All in one bill

  • HD video quality

  • Two devices to watch Netflix at the same time

Subscribe to Sunrise Up TV XL with Netflix 


 With Sunrise Up TV XL you’ll have the most competitive subscription in Switzerland

For CHF 50.- you’ll have access to a world of entertainment with Netflix, oneplus, and +275 TV channels included.

You can combine Sunrise Up mobile and Internet subscriptions to get a free entertainment upgrade where you enjoy Up TV XL for the price of Up TV L.


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More about Netflix

  • With Sunrise Up TV XL incl. Netflix you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand you get a TV box with 275+ channels, 2000h recordings, 7 days replay and the Sunrise TV app as well as the oneplus Premium subscription included. And you also get a Netflix Standard subscription. You can stream movies, series and documentaries in HD quality at any time. With Netflix Standard, you can stream and download your favorite content on two devices at once.

    If you book Sunrise Up TV XL incl. Netflix, you benefit from the combination of Sunrise  TV and Netflix.

  • You need an Internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 Mbit/s. You also need the Sunrise TV Box. It will be delivered with your booked TV rate.
  • Netflix recommends 3 Mbit/s for "Standard Resolution/SD", 5 Mbit/s for "HD" and 21 Mbit/s for "UHD"
  • Yes, because you can link your existing Netflix account with your new Sunrise Up TV XL incl. Netflix fee. You don't have to cancel your existing Netflix subscription before that. After you have booked your Sunrise Up TV XL incl. Netflix tariff, we will send you an activation link with which you can then carry out the further steps. After you have activated the service, you will no longer be charged for the payment method you have registered with Netflix.

    Your Netflix account will remain, so you'll keep your profiles and recommendations.

    Important: If you have booked your existing Netflix subscription via Apple in the App Store, you must cancel it separately with Apple.

  • After you have booked the Sunrise Up TV XL subscription incl. Netflix, you can easily activate your Netflix account via the Sunrise TV Box or If you connect an existing Netflix account to Sunrise Up TV XL, billing via Netflix will stop after activation.
  • You can cancel Sunrise Up TV XL incl. Netflix with one month's notice to the end of the 12- or 24-month contract term. The cancellation must be made via Sunrise. 

    Want to keep your Netflix subscription after canceling with Sunrise? Set up a payment method in your Netflix account. If no payment method is stored directly with Netflix, your Netflix subscription will be paused. You will not have any monthly costs.

  • With the included Netflix Standard subscription, you watch all content in HD and can watch on up to 2 devices within the same household at the same time. You can upgrade to Netflix Premium (+6CHF) at any time to stream in UHD and on up to 4 devices within the same household simultaneously.
  • You can change the booked variant of Netflix at any time. Just go to and access your Netflix account settings . Then click on "Change subscription" and choose your desired new subscription version. You can change your subscription in your MySunrise account under "My products".
  • When you cancel your package, one of two things happens: 

    If you have another valid Netflix payment method (such as a credit or debit card) on file with Netflix, your Netflix subscription will not be interrupted and Netflix will charge your previous payment method. 

    If you do not have another valid Netflix payment method on file, your Netflix account will be locked. To continue using Netflix, visit your Netflix account page and add a new payment method.

  • On all devices that Netflix supports in its offer and additionally on the Sunrise TV Box. For a complete list of supported devices, see
  • Yes, you can use Netflix on as many devices as you like. With the standard subscription, you can stream in HD on up to two devices in the same household at the same time. You can upgrade to Netflix Premium (+6CHF) at any time to stream in UHD and on up to 4 devices within the same household simultaneously.
  • Yes, you can create your own account at any time via the Netflix website at standard Netflix conditions and use it on your Sunrise TV box. You also have the option to subscribe to Netflix as a standalone product via the app on your Sunrise TV box. Billing is carried out via Sunrise by default, but you can also transfer it to Netflix at any time.