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Optimal protection against phishing, Trojans, viruses and the like

An alleged penalty notice? Mysterious cryptocurrency purchases? A confirmation of registration that you don’t recognize? Requests to pay for postage via SMS? Fraud and other cyberattacks are becoming ever more sophisticated. Caution is an absolute must – along with reliable protection against risks online.  

Rolf Ziebold

September 5, 2022 . 4 minutes read

«This is how online scammers got me». «Phishing has many faces». «Half of phishing attempts in the name of Microsoft and LinkedIn.» These are just a couple of the headlines in recent weeks. The National Center for Cyber Security (NSCS) also provides regular information on cyberattacks. Examples and descriptions of attacks against mobile phone and Internet users read like crime dramas, but with real and disastrous consequences for those affected: In some cases, it has involved the loss of several thousand francs (e.g., credit card fraud) or the loss of access to online accounts, personal data or even business data (e.g., ransomware). Attacks are on the rise and they are becoming ever more sophisticated. Sunrise also warns customers about these attacks on a regular basis.  

«This is how online scammers got me». «Phishing has many faces». «Half of phishing attempts in the name of Microsoft and LinkedIn.»

One thing many victims have in common is that they never thought they’d become a victim of phishing or fraud attempts or end up with malware on their device. Once usernames, passwords and credit card information fall into the hands of fraudsters, it’s often already too late. And even if you’re lucky and no harm has been done, the effort it takes to regain control of your personal data and logins is still considerable. Your feeling of insecurity will persist for even longer. You’ll likely be suspicious of new e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp messages and other notifications.  

The NSCS and Sunrise have therefore developed some guidelines. When it comes to ensuring the highest possible level of security against the growing number of cyberattacks, it’s just as important to protect Internet connections and devices, though.  

Strong cybersecurity for protected networks

While hackers particularly used to target companies to gain fame and notoriety in the past, these days national intelligence services and professional hacking groups are working to penetrate systems with phishing e-mails, malware or Trojans. The result is that companies and private individuals are being blackmailed or becoming victims of bank and credit card fraud.  

Sunrise provides comprehensive security against cyberattacks for its mobile and landline network. About three years ago, our cybersecurity competencies were pooled in the so-called Security Operation Center (SOC) in order to protect our own infrastructures and networks even more effectively and thereby provide enhanced protection for company and customer data. The SOC systematically analyzes all types of cyberattacks using state-of-the-art detection and correlation technologies to prevent attacks or repel them efficiently. The high security of our own networks also strengthens the security of our customers’ networks. 

The Sunrise Abuse Team supports customers to protect their data from possible or ongoing phishing attacks, malicious software, Trojans, etc. All incidents can be reported to the Sunrise Abuse Desk at  

Secure Internet surfing

In addition to this basic package, Sunrise also introduced «Surf protect» packages a few years ago in a bid to offer even more enhanced protection. These packages provide increased security for surfing with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) that connect directly to the Internet via the SIM card or the mobile network. The same applies to Internet connections at home and to all devices that are connected to the Internet via the Sunrise Internet Box, regardless of whether one connects via cable or Wi-Fi. Surf protect provides reliable protection against phishing, viruses, ransomware, hacking and botnet attacks that are spread via web pages. Customers using our latest offers, such as Sunrise Fresh and Sunrise Up, benefit from this protection at no additional cost – an added value that only comes with Sunrise subscriptions and makes life easier for our customers.  

However, when protecting yourself against other types of attacks (e.g., opening e-mail attachments, using storage media, such as memory cards and USB sticks, or connecting to other devices, etc.), we highly recommend that you protect your device locally, for example by installing antivirus software. 

SMS filter for dangerous links

Links to phishing pages or other web pages that are used for cyberattacks can also be sent via SMS. SMS may have become less important for personal communication, with messaging services like WhatsApp, Threema, Viber, etc. now leading the way, but when it comes to automated notifications, such as order, delivery and appointment confirmations, password codes, etc., SMS are playing an increasingly important role.  

Sunrise is enhancing the protection of its customers in this area as well and will soon be introducing an automatic SMS filter that checks whether an SMS contains links that lead to fraudulent web pages or web addresses with other unsolicited content. If this is the case, the SMS will be blocked. Customers do not need to take any action themselves.  

Sunrise will soon be introducing an automatic SMS filter that checks whether an SMS contains links that lead to fraudulent web pages or web addresses with other unsolicited content.

Rapid technological change – cybersecurity is the top priority

Technologies are changing rapidly and bringing with them applications like the Internet of Things and upcoming 5G innovations. New questions surrounding cybersecurity are being asked more and more. The security of our networks, as well as our company and customer data, is a top priority for Sunrise and that’s why cybersecurity measures and services are constantly being expanded for customers and companies alike.  

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