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The new Sunrise TV Replay overview

The new Replay overview makes it easier to access any missed shows or favorite movies. Since May 8, 2023, all content has been clearly sorted into categories such as «Comedies» and «Thrillers».

Flurina Kuster

May 17, 2023 . 2 minutes read


The option to watch programs or favorite movies that couldn’t be watched live is a long-established and popular benefit of our TV Replay feature. Now, Sunrise has revamped Replay and the new look went live on May 8, 2023.

The new overview was developed specifically to make it easier to search for  favorite programs and to find out which new programs are available.

April showers bring May flowers

All the content is now sorted clearly into categories such as «Comedies» or «Thrillers», making it easier to select content based on personal interests. If what’s wanted is a cheesy love story, all that’s required is simply to click on the category «Romantic movies». A large selection of that kind of film will appear. Or would an editor’s tip perhaps be better? Then the «Popular movies» category is the place to be. It’s where to find all the movies that the Sunrise TV community is particularly enjoying and that are just waiting to be discovered.


Within the individual categories, experts select and present programs based on a specific theme. So it’s simple to find the latest episodes of medical dramas or the latest sitcom.


Sunrise makes it easier for children, too

The new «Children» section includes the latest children’s movies and episodes of the most popular series. All the programs shown on children’s channels, such as SuperRTL or the Disney Channel, are grouped separately. A new and particularly handy feature makes recording any of the Replay programs possible, so it’s easy to watch all-time favorite movies and episodes over and over again.


But for those who prefer the current overview format, that’s not a problem either.


In the category «All programs», viewers can still opt for the familiar display with its convenient filter feature.

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