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How to carry out a speed test

Do you want to know at what speed internet is available in your area? How fast your internet connection really is? Here you will find the answers to any questions you may have regarding internet speed.

Do you want to know how fast your Internet is?
Great, you can easily do that here in just a few steps. But please note: Even in ideal conditions, you will never reach the speeds that your Internet subscription offers. For example, if you have a subscription with 1 Gbit/s Internet, the test will not show this speed in reality. This has a technical background and is the case with all Internet providers.

Problems with internet and landline

Important preparations

Use the right components:

It is best to use the modem you got from your internet provider (e.g. Sunrise Internet Box or Sunrise Internet Box Fiber from Sunrise) with the original power supply, original LAN cable and original connection cable.

Switch off the WLAN and connect to the internet:

Switch off the WLAN and connect to the internet using a LAN cable: Disable the WLAN on your modem. Note: connect your computer to the internet with a LAN cable.

Disconnect all devices from the modem:

Remove all LAN cables of external devices (e.g. powerline, separate router, Sunrise TV box, Wi-Fi extenders, etc.) from your modem.

Start your computer in safe mode:

The safe mode ensures that the speed test is not disturbed by other software (e.g. antivirus, firewalls,..etc). Note: If you have an Apple computer, you can skip this step.

Download and perform the speed test

1. Download the speed Test App

Install the free cnlab Speedtest on your computer or laptop. Please note: Remember that you must be connected using a LAN cable to perform the test.

2. Settings in the cnlab Speed test

Please activate the following settings in the speed test: Go to Settings > Measurement Settings Measuring time: 30s total - 15s up, 15s down Multiple measurement: 12 measurements: every 60 minute(s) for 12 hour(s) Download streams: 4 Download RWin: Is automatically set Upload streams: 2 Upload RWin: Is automatically set Protocol: HTTP Autostart: On Geo location: On

3. Do the Speed test

After you have configured the settings correctly, go back to the start interface in the speed test. Then press "Start measurement" to start the speed test. If you are not satisfied with the result, we have tips for you below.

Download and perform Networktest

As of September 1, 2021, we are obliged under telecommunications law to provide you with a measuring tool designed in accordance with OFCOM specifications. All information can be found at www.networktest.ch. The corresponding measurements will be published for the first time as of January 1, 2022.

The difference between download and upload speed

What is download speed?

The download speed refers to the connection speed that is required to «get» the data. This includes typical services such as streaming (video & audio), downloading documents and of course regular Internet browsing.

What is upload speed?

The upload speed, in contrast, is required to «send» data, e.g. when uploading videos to YouTube or when streaming your own content (e.g. podcasts or on Twitch). The download speed is generally faster than the upload speed.

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