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Good reasons to switch to Sunrise Home

Sunrise Home has the best cost-benefit ratio – see for yourself! If you are already a Sunrise mobile customer, you benefit from an additional discount of 10% on your basic fees . The more you have, the more you save.

When you go online with Sunrise,  you can surf with fiber optics. Get speeds up to 1 Gbit/s and symmetrical upload/download speed. Watch HD-quality digital TV on several devices at the same time. Always reliable and never any delays. The Sunrise fiber optic cable network is growing continuously. Together with local partners, it now covers most of Switzerland .

Moving is the perfect opportunity to choose something new. Want to know the best way to order Sunrise Home when you move? Simply follow this link .

Stop paying cable fees and save about CHF 400.00 per year in utilities. Since your products use the landline connection with Sunrise Home, you no longer need the cable connection. Cancel cable connection at your home to avoid unnecessary utility costs.

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