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24 months discount instead of 12

Discover the best internet and TV experience

Sunrise TV – TV, streaming and much more

Enjoy over 280 TV and 200 radio stations, 7 days of Replay, 2,000 hours of recording, voice control and the Sunrise TV App for entertainment on the go. Exclusively for Sunrise customers – the Swiss streaming app oneplus in the Sunrise Premium Edition.

Frequently asked questions


The offer is valid for all new Up Home orders, e.g. Up Home L for 59.90/month (instead of 99.90/month) for 24 months, then the standard price applies. Minimum contract period of 24 months. Activation fee waived (99.90). Subject to change.

Call us on 0800 66 88 66 so that we can provide personal advice. This offer is only valid for new subscriptions.

Yes, we have a dedicated onboarding team that will support you if necessary.

Yes, the activation can be scheduled for up to four months after signing up.

No, if the fibre-optic connection is not installed at the customer’s explicit request, there’s no charge for a normal installation.

200 Mbit/s are sufficient for basic tasks like surfing the Internet and sending emails. For households with several users streaming in HD and online gaming, 1 Gbit/s is appropriate. Professional applications and users with very high data volumes will benefit from 10 Gbit/s for downloading and uploading large files quickly, as well as uninterrupted video conferencing.

With our Up Connect, Up Home and Up Home+ subscriptions, you get surf protect home for safe surfing, normally 5.–/month, free of charge. In addition, our L or XL subscriptions give you a free Smart Wi-Fi Pod worth 5.–/month that distributes the Wi-Fi signal from your modem throughout your home. This ensures an ultra-fast, stable Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home.

Surf protect protects you from potential malware while you’re surfing the Internet by checking whether the websites you want to access pose a threat. If there is a threat, access to the site will be blocked and you’ll be notified with a warning. To find out more, please refer to our surf protect page.

The type of installation can vary depending on the modem. Installation instructions for all the modems are available on our Support page.

Yes, Easy Internet (& TV) has a one-time activation fee of 99.90. For Up Connect, Up Home and Up Home+, the activation fee is waived if you purchase online.


Up Connect, Up Home and Up Home+ products include a landline connection. Easy Internet (& TV) does not include the landline connection when bought online. If you wish to add a landline connection free of charge please purchase the product via our sales hotline on 0800 707 504.

Yes. You can order now and select a number-porting date within the next 280 days.


With Sunrise TV, you can enjoy over 280 live TV channels as well as series and films from the most popular streaming and sports apps that are already conveniently preinstalled on your TV Box. An intuitive user interface gives you quick access to your favourites, including blockbusters, series, sport or news. Exclusively for Sunrise customers – the Swiss streaming app oneplus in the Premium Sunrise Edition.

These are all your benefits:

  • 280+ TV channels and 200 radio stations

  • 7 days of Replay

  • Up to 2000 hours of recordings

  • 6 individual user profiles

  • Voice control

  • Up to five streams and devices simultaneously

  • TV app for on the go and abroad

Yes, with the Sunrise TV App you can watch TV on your Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, a browser or your mobile devices as well. The Sunrise TV App is included. To find out more about the app, please refer to our Sunrise TV App page.

Yes, you can order up to five Sunrise TV Boxes. Each additional box costs CHF 10.– per month and can be ordered by calling 0800 707 504 or directly via the Sunrise TV App. To find out more, please refer to our TV Box support page.

Yes, the most popular streaming and sports apps such as Netflix, oneplus, Apple TV+, Sky Show and more are conveniently preinstalled on your TV Box. Discover additional TV and voice packages or start watching films and series with just one click. You’ll find all the apps and options on our Entertainment page.

Yes, you can skip Replay ads with our Skip Ads option. You can sign up for this service option for CHF 7.90/month with no minimum contract period directly on your Sunrise TV in the TV Shop app. To find our more about the Skip Ads option, please refer to our Replay TV page.

Yes, it is. However, we recommend a cable connection, as it’s more stable.

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