Monthly price (CHF) 9.-

Monthly price (CHF) 9.-

Rate details

  • Surfing (CH)

    Use your mobile subscription data on an additional device

  • Voice

    Use your mobile subscription call volume on an additional device

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Here's how you order Sunrise extra SIM surf & talk

  • You're already a customer and have a Sunrise Freedom subscription? Log in to My Sunrise and add extra SIM surf & talk to the desired subscription.
  • You're not a customer yet? Sign up for a Sunrise Freedom subscription and extra SIM surf & talk.
  • You'd like mobile surfing without a mobile subscription? Sign up for Sunrise Mobile Internet.

More information

  • With this option, you can use one or more additional SIM cards on different mobile devices (for example, a smartphone, tablet, notebook) to surf or make calls independently from the first mobile device. The data and calls will be charged to the underlying mobile subscription. The terms of the connected mobile subscription apply. 
    • Extra SIM surf & talk is only available with a Sunrise Freedom subscription.
    • Extra SIM surf & talk cannot be used with modems (Wi-Fi hotspots).
  • None
  • The option can be cancelled with a cancellation period of 60 days prior to the end of each month.
  • With the extra SIM surf & talk option, you can purchase an additional device (e.g., a tablet) in installments with no interest or fees. Every device starting at CHF 1.00 down.

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