The latest iPhone every 12 months – at no extra cost

  • When you buy your new iPhone, choose the free Sunrise smartphone upgrade option as well (Only available with CHF 1.– down payment)
  • Your benefit: Just bring your iPhone back to us in good condition after one year and exchange it for the newest iPhone.

To ensure that your device is in good condition for the exchange in 12 months, we recommend that you add the smart protect insurance and protect your device with a case and screen protector film.

Do you already have the Smartphone Upgrade Option? Now possible: Upgrade your current iPhone

When you purchased your iPhone or iPhone Plus, you selected the free ”Sunrise Smartphone Upgrade” option. As soon as a new iPhone will be available at Sunrise and you have paid a minimum of 12 monthly installments, you are able to get the latest iPhone thanks to the Smartphone Upgrade option with no extra charge. Take your current iPhone and the original accessories to the Sunrise center and take your new iPhone home with you right away.

Can you trade in your current iPhone?

In a nutshell: Smartphone Upgrade
Always the newest iPhone

Don't you have the Sunrise Smartphone Upgrade Option yet? The newest iPhone every 12 months

It's so easy to stay up to date with the smartphone upgrade option – at no extra charge. Only available with a device plan and a Sunrise Freedom mobile subscription

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