Save up to 895.-
Discount for 24 months

More services at a lower tariff

We Mobile L for CHF 50.-

for the first 24 months, then CHF 80.-/m

Get We Mobile XL for the price of We Mobile M or We Mobile L for the price of Mobile Classic for 2 years.

Online only: Activation fee of CHF 55.– waived.

  • Valid with new We Mobile L or XL (incl. young) orders, with or without a device plan. The following provisions apply: 24 months minimum contract duration, 24 months discount duration. The customer will lose the discount if they switch to a subscription with a lower monthly fee within the minimum contract duration. If the customer switches to a subscription with a higher basic fee, they will keep the original discount. In the event of cancellation before the end of the minimum contract period, the monthly recurring basic fees up to the end of the minimum contract period must be paid.  This offer does not apply to existing Mobile or any other mobile plan with discounted basic fees. Sunrise reserves the right to introduce additional exclusions.

    Subscription name

    Basic fee /mo.


    Discounted basic fee /mo.

    We Mobile L

    CHF 80.-

    CHF -30.-

    CHF 50.-

    We Mobile L young

    CHF 70.-

    CHF -30.-

    CHF 40.-

    We Mobile XL

    CHF 100.-

    CHF -35.-

    CHF 65.-

    We Mobile XL young

    CHF 90.-

    CHF -35.-

    CHF 55.-

Under 30?

Sunrise benefit

We Mobile Pack

Select the right We Mobile subscription for you and every extra subscription in the We Mobile Pack will receive the same services at a discounted price of just CHF 40.–/month, for life.


We Benefit

It pays to combine. Combine a We Mobile subscription with a We Home subscription to take advantage of the following Sunrise We Benefits:

  • Combined savings of up to CHF 25.–/month. 

  • Family Roaming: Unlimited calls with the whole family included, in Switzerland, Europe, the USA and Canada.

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