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Switch to a Sunrise Freedom mobile subscription now, and save for 24 months with a 30% discount. This offer is only valid if your prepaid plan has been active for more than 30 days.

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  • The Sunrise Freedom subscription offers unlimited freedom: Your contract has no minimum duration, which means that you can switch back to a prepaid plan at any time. Your needs change. Yesterday calls were important to you, but today you need more data, you're sending more SMS messages, or you make international calls frequently. Change your subscription any time you want, and you'll never pay more than necessary.

    Enhance your subscription with additional options: for inexpensive roaming on vacation, more data for surfing, or mobile phone insurance. For what you need now. Customize your Sunrise Freedom even more.

  • You can choose any device with any mobile subscription, with a down payment suited to your needs and starting at CHF 1.00. We bill you for the device and the subscription separately. You can also sign up for a mobile subscription without a device: You can choose to pay for your new smartphone in installment payments that you specify yourself. You always know what the status is and how much you have already paid off. As soon as you have paid off your smartphone, you are done with your installments. There are no hidden costs.
  • You can switch to the Freedom mobile subscription from Sunrise free of cost in only 5 minutes – without service interruption. You can keep your current phone number. 
  • For the second time, Sunrise emerged as the WINNER in the "connect" network test. With 973 points, Sunrise earned the highest result ever measured in all countries and, together with Swisscom, finished a solid 128 points ahead of Salt.

    With that, Sunrise confirms the results of last year's test and once again receives the highest ranking “OUTSTANDING” in the most respected network test in the industry. This world-class result was largely attributable to the fact that the company offers the best voice telephony on intercity roads, in trains and in major cities.

    In just five years, Sunrise has transformed its mobile network from "satisfactory” to a record holding “OUTSTANDING” as evaluated by “connect”. No other mobile communications provider has achieved such steady development in such a short period of time. Our awards.