Switch from Prepaid to Sunrise One and benefit for 24 months.

With Sunrise One, you get everything from a single source, without any fuss – mobile subscription, landline network, TV and Internet. Save up to CHF 1200.– with this exclusive offer for all Prepaid customers.

Home Unlimited


Unlimited up to 1 Gbit/s



Unlimited in Switzerland



270+ channels, 120+ channels in HD, and 7 days of ComeBack TV

Swiss Unlimited

High Speed 4G+ Internet:

unlimited in CH



unlimited in CH



unlimited in CH

  • This special price is valid for Sunrise Prepaid customers when switching to Sunrise One with Sunrise Freedom swiss unlimited (CHF 35.– instead of CHF 55.– per month) and Sunrise Home Unlimited (CHF 54.– instead of CHF 84.– per month). The discounts are valid provided that both products are activated at the same time. Minimum contract duration 24 months per product. This special price is valid for 24 months; afterwards, you will be charged the regular price. The discount expires definitively when you switch to a mobile or Internet subscription. Activation fee of CHF 124.– for both products. SIM card included. This offer is only available to customers with a Prepaid product that has been activated for at least three months. Sunrise reserves the right to introduce additional exclusions. Offer valid from October 31 to December 31, 2019. Not available to Sunrise employees