Every Internet Product: CHF 45.– per month

for 12 months

Are you a Sunrise mobile customer? Then you only pay CHF 30.–. More info...

Internet start
45.– instead of 50.–

Internet start
Download/Upload: 50 Mbit/s.

Ideal for:
daily usage with up to 3 devices at the same time, surfing and reading e-mails


Internet comfort
45.– instead of 70.–

Internet comfort
Download/Upload:  200 Mbit/s.


Ideal for:
the usage with more than 3 devices simultaneously incl. streaming, picture and video download/upload

Available in fibre-optic areas of major cities

Internet max giga
45.– instead of 105.–

Internet max giga
Download/Upload: 1 Gbit/s.


Ideal for:
the usage with more than 10 devices incl. 3D gaming.


Internet max giga is only available in fibre-optic areas of major cities.  

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Would you like TV as well?

Exclusively for our Sunrise mobile customers

Home unlimited
CHF 60.– instaed of 130.–

Internet unlimited

Up to 1 Gbit/s


TV unlimited

270+ channels

80+ in HD

7 days Comeback TV

1200 hours of recording


Phone unlimited

Unlimited calls to all networks in Switzerland




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  • This offer is valid with new orders of internet start, comfort, or max giga until March 4, 2019. Price for customers with a Sunrise mobile subscription: CHF 30.00/mo for 12 months (after deduction of the 10 % combo discount); price for new customers: CHF 45.00/mo for 12 months; then CHF 50.00/mo (start), CHF 70.00/mo (comfort), and CHF 105.00/mo (max giga). Minimum contract duration of 12 months.