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Tip: Open this page on your smartphone and take a picture of the invoice directly with your smartphone.


After the closing invoice has been transmitted, the amount is credited to the customer account. This offer is valid until 01.10.2018. The deadline for submitting invoices is 31.12.2018.

More information about this offer

  • Sunrise’s early termination fee – refund offer makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of Sunrise TV at any time. In the event of a change of provider with premature termination of contract, any exchange costs of up to CHF 500.- will be paid for by Sunrise . After transmission of the final invoice, the amount is credited to your Sunrise customer account.
  • With the switch offer, individual customers or entire households can benefit from Sunrise TV. The refund of the exchange costs applies in the event of early termination of the contract with your previous provider in connection with the conclusion of a Sunrise Home contract with TV or Sunrise Home Unlimited Package.
  • Switching costs are costs that are incurred if the current TV contract is terminated before the end of the minimum contract period (usually 12 or 24 months). As a rule, the costs for early termination of the contract consist of the outstanding subscription fees. Depending on the provider, a processing fee may also be charged.
  • When a contract for Sunrise Home with TV or Sunrise Home Unlimited is concluded, the desired contract start date is to be set to the fastest possible date. In addition, termination with the previous provider must result in fees for premature termination.
  • Yes, the contract with the current home provider must be terminated. You can view and download the necessary templates above in the second step: cancel your order.
  • As soon as the final invoice arrives, it must be paid by you. You can upload the invoice for the refund of the costs via the website www.sunrise.ch/en/residential/join . As soon as this is uploaded, Sunrise takes all necessary steps to ensure that the amount is credited to your Sunrise customer account.
  • The following criteria applies to a successful repayment of the bill of exchange costs:

    • New contract with Sunrise in the valid period from 31.08.2018 to 01.10.2018
    • Conclusion of a contract for a Sunrise Home with TV or Sunrise Home Unlimited
    • Correct and timely transmission of the final invoice to Sunrise (At the latest 3 months after conclusion of the contract)

  • As a rule, the amount is credited to your customer account. If the final invoice is sent in towards the end of the month, a credit note cannot be guaranteed on the next invoice. The credit note will then appear on the next but one invoice.

    The credit will be credited to your customer account once. If the credit memo amount is higher than the invoice amount, the remaining credit is transferred to the next invoice until the credit is used up.

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