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Netflix, Starzplay and the like: Which is the best streaming service?

Netflix hasn’t been an only child for a while now – the number of video-streaming offers is growing and growing. But what are the differences? Have you ever heard of Starzplay? And which streaming portals are best for which viewers?

Kathrin Fink

August 23, 2022 . 3 minutes read

In 2007, there was no longer any need for Netflix subscribers in the USA to order DVDs to watch at home. Instead, they could watch movies online for the first time via a platform. In the beginning, only 1,000 movies and series were available, today there are almost 6,000 in the USA and around 5,100 in Switzerland. These figures show how popular streaming services have become over the past 15 years, and it’s no surprise that Netflix now has a lot of competition. Here is an overview of the latest and most important providers.

Netflix: The foundation

As already mentioned, Netflix has been with us the longest and is, so to speak, the inventor of streaming. The original streaming platform features a large number of movies, series and high-quality in-house productions – some of which have even won Oscars («Roma»,«Marriage Story»). The mother of all streaming services also has the highest subscription prices, though.


It’s ideal for you if you value an extensive variety of home-cinema viewing and aren’t just looking to watch very specific series or movies.

Starzplay: The new kid on the block

Starzplay’s strengths lie in exclusive originals as well as movies and series not just available in English but also in all the Swiss languages. The streaming service is an offshoot of the American television channel «Starz» and it focuses on the English and German-speaking markets. With Sunrise, Starzplay is part of the Premium Plus TV package. Prices for individual subscriptions are comparatively inexpensive.


Ideal for you if you find Netflix a bit dull and expensive, and are also satisfied with a smaller range of Hollywood productions.

oneplus: The new Swiss service

oneplus is the new streaming service from media company CH Media, which includes the channels 3+, 4+ and TV24. With a subscription, you can watch in-house productions even before their broadcast date and there is also a wide range of (Swiss) movies, documentaries and series. And it has the cheapest subscription price.


Ideal for you if you can’t live without The Bachelor and the odd Swiss movie.

Amazon Prime Video: The rising star

When it comes to popularity, Amazon Prime Video is just behind Netflix. In recent years, the company has expanded its video-streaming service massively and is now outperforming Netflix in terms of the number of movies and series available. When it comes to its own achievements, Amazon Prime is still trying to catch up with its big competitors and is investing a lot of money in its own productions, such as the superhero series «The Boys».


Ideal for you if you also find Netflix stupid, but don’t want to give up a comprehensive, professional range of Hollywood movies and series.

Sky Show: The «HBO» representative

The multimedia company Sky has long made a name for itself as a Pay TV provider, thanks to its sports broadcasts. It has also had two streaming services for a few years now: Sky Show in the entertainment sector and Sky Sport as part of its main business. Like Netflix, Starzplay and Amazon Prime, the service offers a large library of movies and series. Its collaboration with the American entertainment giant HBO (Home Box Office) might also add to its attractions. Sky Show holds the exclusive streaming rights for all HBO series in Switzerland and also makes co-productions with the broadcaster.


Ideal if you love HBO.

Of course, no one can tell you which streaming service is best for you – tastes and preferences vary wildly. But hopefully, we’ve been able to give you an entertaining overview of the current streaming landscape. Happy streaming!

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