Monthly price (CHF) 50.-

Monthly price (CHF) 50.- Select

Rate details

  • Calls included

    unlimited to all swiss networks

  • SMS/MMS included

    unlimited SMS/MMS

  • Surfing (CH)


  • Highspeed surfing

    incl. 1 GB Highspeed internet

  • Loyalty discount

    20% after 6 months

Other Rates

More information

  • For all Sunrise prepaid rates.
  • By sending an SMS to 5522 with the text FLATCLASSIC

    or in My Sunrise.  

  • The option will be activated immediately after SMS message registration.
  • At the end of each month at midnight, the option will renew for another month as long as sufficient credit balance is available.

    If, at the time of option renewal, the balance is not sufficient, the option will be put on hold for one month. If the account is topped up within this time period, the option will be automatically reactivated. Otherwise the option will be permanently deleted and will have to be activated again if needed.

  • If the included credit for calls, SMS, or data connections is used up before one month is up, these services will be billed at the standard rate until the end of the duration period(see factsheets for the respective prepaid rates). Only then will the option be renewed.

  • By sending an SMS to 5522 with the text FLATCLASSIC STOP

    or in My Sunrise.

    Any unused included credit balance can be used up before the current month ends.

  • Loyalty discount: 20 % off the basic fee starting from the 7th consecutive month.

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