Netflix for 6 m. as a gift
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One: Internet, TV, landline, mobile

Unlimited. Maximum speed.

Price: CHF 139.00/month

Sunrise One: Internet, TV, landline & mobile in one handy bundle

With Sunrise One, get everything you need in one convenient package - at home or on the go. Unlimited Internet, entertainment and calls, all over Switzerland

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Sunrise One has no limits

Always get the fastest speeds - now, and in the future

So long, limits
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Sunrise One is second to none. Discover how you could benefit

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Only online: Save CHF 108.–

Order Sunrise One online and we'll knock off the CHF 108.– activation fee

Unlimited surfing, entertainment and calls

Internet, TV, landline, and mobile in one handy bundle

Unlimited high-speed Internet

For unlimited surfing at home and on the go
Always get the fastest possible speeds – now, and in the future - at no extra cost
  • No limits
    No brakes
  • At home
    Always get maximum speeds, up to 1 Gbit/s
  • On the go
    Surf with 4G+ at speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s

Perfect entertainment

With Sunrise TV and Netflix as a gift
Enjoy the best TV in Switzerland with this exclusive deal: 6 months Netflix as a gift, for the best entertainment and the most popular TV series. At home and on the go, on all your devices
  • 270+ TV channels, 80+ HD and Video on Demand
    A huge selection of entertainment, including brand new blockbusters
  • 7 days ComeBack TV and 1200 hours of recordings
    Never miss your favorite show
  • Sunrise TV on the go
    With the free Sunrise TV app

Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS

All across Switzerland
With Sunrise One you always have unlimited calling in Switzerland – from home and on the go. And, unlimited SMS/MMS in Switzerland are included too
  • Unlimited calls from home
    Within Switzerland
  • Unlimited calls on the go
    Within Switzerland
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
    Messaging without limits

Optimize your Sunrise One experience

With options for home, on the go in Switzerland and abroad, or the latest iPhone

Only online: Switch now to Sunrise One and the number 1 and save CHF 108.–

Order Sunrise One online now and we'll knock off the CHF 108.– activation fee

Best digital TV in Switzerland

According to the Bilanz Telecomrating 2016

Best mobile network in Switzerland

According to the "Connect network test 2017" confirmed

“Sunrise One: The outstanding complete package for unlimited usage inside Switzerland”

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Get Netflix as a gift

How do I get Netflix as a gift? When will I receive my activation code? I already have Netflix, can I still get 6 months as a gift?

More on Netflix as a gift

  • The offer is valid for 6 months of Netflix Service on the CHF 17.90 (a month) “Premium Plan” (total value CHF 107.40). You may apply the value of the offer to a different Netflix subscription plan. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. For existing members the value of the promotion will be credited to their existing plan.

    New Netflix members will automatically move to a paid subscription at the end of the offer period and pay for their Netflix subscription through their Sunrise bill. Simply cancel anytime during your offer period and you will not be charged.

    A compatible device is required (manufactured and sold separately) to watch instantly. You can redeem the voucher only once. Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. Netflix Service price plans subject to change.

    Netflix terms apply. See

    • Everything always unlimited: Unlimited high-speed Internet, unlimited calls, and maximum TV entertainment at home and on the go
    • Always get our top speeds: e.g. if we install a fiber optic connection at your home, we'll upgrade you for free
    • Free Netflix for six months: Order Sunrise One now and get 6 months of Netflix free – to enjoy on your Sunrise TV or on the go
    • Sunrise One at home: Home Unlimited (Internet, landline and TV for your home) for CHF 84.00/month. Unlimited surfing speeds, unlimited calls and unlimited entertainment
    • Sunrise One on the go: Mobile Unlimited (surfing and calling on the go) for CHF 55.00/month. Unlimited surfing speeds, unlimited calls and unlimited texts in Switzerland
    • Save even more: Order online now and we'll knock off the Sunrise One activation fee of CHF 108.00
    • New Roaming and International options, only with Sunrise One: Even more surfing abroad and calls across Europe, the United States and Canada included

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