Sunrise We Benefit

It pays to combine.

The more, the better the price.

That’s the simple principle behind Sunrise We, our new comprehensive offer for all. For all? Of course: Family, Friends or shared apartments – the more Sunrise subscriptions, the better the price. And that’s for life.

We Benefit

Combine We Mobile and We Home and save up to CHF 25.–/month.

The discount is applied automatically.


Possible combination benefits:


We Mobile Pack

Select a suitable We Mobile subscription and every extra subscription will receive the same services for just CHF 40.–/month. For life.


Family calls europe & US

Family Roaming: Unlimited calls with the whole family included, in Switzerland, Europe, the USA and Canada.

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Free and unlimited calls for family members (in Switzerland, Europe, the USA & Canada). Suitable for a family that is already using several Sunrise products (landline and mobile) and receives a combined bill for all of them.

More informations: Factsheet Family calls europe & US

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