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Sunrise Game Cloud​

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Play on all your screens
Play on all your screens

IOS & Android smartphone, tablets with iPadOs and Android, Windows PC & MacOS, Samsung Smart TV (Coming soon)...Your games follow you from one screen to another

Simple, fluid, fast

No ads, no downloads, no loading times, and no updates

No additional purchases

No in-game purchases offered, fully gameplay already included

New games added every month

New iconic games every month in the catalog

Enjoy gaming with or without a controller

Play easily with the virtual pad, or with a specially selected controller for a better gaming experience

Parental control included

Thanks to our advanced filters, only games adapted to the age of your children are displayed (PEGI classification)

Your mobile becomes a console

Enjoy an optimal gaming experience with the Gamesir T4 Pro, an intuitive and ergonomic controller
  • Instant connection
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable gamepad
  • Extendable phone holder
  • Ideal for shooting games

Racing, action, adventure, strategy, …new games every month

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