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Sunrise Home Packages

Internet & TV for just CHF 55.–

Internet without TV just CHF 40.–

  • Offer valid for new orders of internet start, comfort or giga or in combination with TV start or TV comfort. Each product combination for a total of only CHF 55 per month.

    Price Internet: CHF 40.-/Mt. for 12 months; afterwards

    • internet start: CHF 50.-/Mt. 
    • internet comfort: CHF 70.-/Mt. 
    • internet giga CHF 90.-/Mt.  

    Price TV: CHF 15.-/Mt. for 12 months; afterwards

    • TV start CHF 25.‒/month
    • TV comfort CHF 35.‒/month

    Minimum contract duration 12 months. 

    Offer valid until 23.10.2019. Subject to change without notice.


  • Sunrise will automatically suggest the best access technology for the relevant address. Of course, you can also choose different access technology, if available. Please contact our hotline 0800 707 505.
  • Thanks to the 4G+ and 5G mobile communications technologies, Sunrise Home can now also be offered using wireless connections. A so-called Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a wireless subscriber line that offers a wireless alternative to a wired subscriber line (e.g., VDSL and fiber optics) in the local loop. The last mile to the subscriber is bridged using wireless technology. Sunrise Home 5G customers receive a Sunrise Internet Box 5G as their Wi-Fi router by way of loan. This device has been fully pre-configured and only needs to be connected to a socket close to a window. The Sunrise Internet Box 5G will automatically connect to the Sunrise mobile network after a few minutes. This can be with either a 4G+ or 5G connection, depending on the region and the mobile coverage. Your devices can then be very easily connected with the Sunrise Internet Box 5G via Wi-Fi (WLAN) or a network cable.
  • Sunrise Home 5G works with 4G+ and 5G connections. Across Switzerland, over 248 cities and towns are already supplied with Sunrise 5G (as of July 2019), and the expansion is rapidly advancing. Therefore, depending on the region, Sunrise Home 5G might also work using a 4G+ connection. Certain weather conditions such as strong rain and snowfall might result in the mobile communications technology temporarily switching from 4G+ to 5G, or the other way around. The Sunrise Internet Box 5G will always automatically select the best available mobile communications technology.
  • The quality of mobile reception depends on where you are. Reception is generally better outside, because there are no buildings that interfere with the signal. 

    The reception quality indoors depends, among other factors, on the structure of the building and where you are located in a building. Reception is generally better close to windows than in rooms without windows (e.g., utility room).

  • Sunrise Home 5G is our offer for use at home. Sunrise Mobile Internet is our offer for Internet use on the go (e.g., for mobile hotspots).

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