Be the first to experience the future

A device unlike any before

Galaxy Fold 5G doesn't just change the face of the smartphone, it changes the face of tomorrow. 

Samsung changed the shape of the phone, and the shape of tomorrow

A new dawn in display technology: the foldable Infinity Flex Display. A stunning 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that defies expectations. Made of a revolutionary polymer material layered for slim flexibility, it's the largest Galaxy smartphone screen yet.

Sleek colours to match your style

Unfold the future with the premium, monochromatic colours of Space Silver and Cosmos Black.

A phone and tablet in one cutting-edge device

When folded, Galaxy Fold 5G’s slim silhouette slips easily into your bag or pocket. It also fits comfortably in your hand, putting all your apps within easy reach. As you unfold, Galaxy Fold’s displays work together seamlessly with impressive app continuity.

A breakthrough camera system for epic photos from any angle

With six pro-grade cameras, you'll be able to capture stunning photos and videos. And you can use the Infinity Flex Display as a massive viewfinder.