You are one step closer to your new Sunrise TV App🤩

    We are happy to see that you are interested in the new Sunrise TV App. On this page you will find everything you might want to learn about the new TV product.

    Important to know:

    The earlier you switch, the better for you. If you switch now, you will benefit from the new Up TV M for one month for free. With the change you can immediately enjoy all of these new features.

    Please note that old recordings cannot be taken over - still watch them in the next two weeks 😉

    Please note that TV neo will no longer be offered in the future..

    What changes for you?

        TV neo max   Up TV M
    Price   20.-   20.-
    Channels (HD)   240   275
    Replay   7 days   7 days
    Recordings   500h   2000h
    VOD   No   Yes
    Pay Options (Premium Plus, Language options, etc.)   No   Yes
    My Sports (Daypass/Abo)   No   Yes
    Number of streams   6   5 (max 3 pay channels)
    Personal profiles   No   Yes
    Supported devices big   Apple TV, Samsung TV   Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung in 2023
    Supported devices small   Mobiles, Tablets (Apple & Android), PC's   Mobiles, Tablets (Apple & Android), PC's