Sunrise Smartphone Upgrade

When will I be able to trade in my device?
Starting 12 months after you got your iPhone or iPhone Plus, and only if you have the Smartphone Upgrade option. To find out your exact trade-in date, please go to your “My Sunrise”, Subscriptions >To Subscription > Devices.

What condition are the device and its accessories in?
Your iPhone, as well as the original charger and charging cable, must be in undamaged condition and fully functional.

Have I had the device repaired before?
If unauthorized work has been done on your iPhone, you will not be able to trade it in. This includes any tampering with the device, including jailbreaking.

Which settings do I have to deactivate?
Before trading it in, please turn off the “Find my iPhone” feature and restore your device to the factory settings.

Do I have to backup my data before trading in my current iPhone?
Yes. Please do not forget to save your data on a local driver or use your iCloud before trading your current iPhone.