The Magic 2 range includes the best technology available today to turn your WiFi home experience in the most powerful, reliable and advanced possible.

Mesh Network.

Once activated, all Magic 2 WiFi next adapters form a joint mesh network that always keeps you connected to the strongest Wi-Fi signal without interruptions. And it doesn't matter how many people in the household are online at the same time.

MiMo technology

Thanks to multi-user MIMO technology, the signal is optimally distributed to all terminal devices. As a result, even applications that require a great deal of data are no longer a problem

Access Point Steering

The Access Point Steering function enhances your Wi-Fi access point by adding intelligent network optimisation. This function actively helps your end devices connect to the optimal network access point. If the Wi-Fi access point identifies another Wi-Fi access point within your own network that has a stronger signal and better reception, it redirects the end device to that point automatically.

Compatible with any Sunrise modem, and possibility to replicate your existing SSID. Really easy and accessible!