Samsung Knox

Remain secure

Samsung Knox

People will always like and do the things of their personal choice. And because we understood that, we developed "Secured by Knox". The focus is on how people use their device in everyday life.

What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox combines the well-known security foundation of Samsung devices with a dedicated solution for business customers. Thanks to the hardware chip and encrypted and secure data, you can protect everything that is important to you: credit card transactions, passwords and health data.

Why your device is safe

Privacy for your Samsung device

With data encryption all data is securely encrypted by default. This encryption module is certified on a governmental standard. If your device will ever be lost, no one else will be able to see your data. You have the choice to completely isolate your most personal data in a secure place your device. So you are able to keep sensitive privacy for yourself.

Safe data always

The hardware-backed trusted environment is where Samsung devices are always running. All attempts at tampering, from boot-up, runtime will be blocked also when your device is powered off. Don´t worry about mobile threats such as ransomware, malware, and unauthorized rooting: Your personal data on your Samsung devices are securely protected.

Across Samsung devices

A lot of Samsung phones, tablets and wearables are secured by Knox which runs as well on Android and Tizen operating systems.

More than mobile

The Samsung Knox ecosystem is also used for smart TVs and appliances, as well as other IoT and 5G devices. Connected devices and appliances are secured by Knox. Therefore a hardware-backed security architecture is implanted that ensures our device is always protected. If you are searching for outstanding security, look for the "Secured by Knox" label.

Spend your day with Samsung Knox

Knox by Samsung protects your data all day long. No matter if you are at work or play. Discover how Samsung Knox keeps you safe throughout your day.

Safe mobile payment

When using Samsung Pay your financial information will be secured by Knox.

Protect your health data

Since all your data is secured you don´t have to worry to collect information such as weight, steps, calories or blood glucose data.

Secure your work data

Your personal and work data can be stored on different places.

Protect your personal data

Get even more safety when you hide the Secure Folder from apps or your homescreen.

Identity protection

With Samsung Know your biometric data are encrypted as well, so that you are the only person having access.

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