Sunrise MyDelivery

You tell us when and where - And we deliver

Convenient and simple

With Sunrise MyDelivery, Sunrise is the first Swiss telecom company to let you decide when to have your hardware delivered or whether to have it rerouted to one of about 2500 pickup points all over Switzerland. From the following delivery methods, select the one that is most convenient for you:

Step-by-step instructions

Four steps to your preferred delivery date

  1. Conveniently order your hardware via, our hotline or at a Sunrise center near you

  2. As soon as your order is ready to be shipped, we will send you an SMS or e-mail with your personal link to the Sunrise MyDelivery platform

  3. From the time we send the SMS/E-Mail, you have three hours to select your preferred shipping method and delivery date via the Sunrise MyDelivery link

  4. Your hardware will then either be delivered to your home on the desired date and time or you can pick it up at the pickup location you specified

Sunrise MyDelivery costs

You incur the following charges depending on the type of delivery

  • Type of delivery


  • Same-Day-Delivery

    CHF 31.–

  • Evening-Delivery

    CHF 13.–

  • Saturday-Delivery


  • Weekday Delivery


  • Midnight-Order

    CHF 23.–

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