Welcome to Sunrise

Information about upcoming changes to your Internet / TV subscription, Sunrise will become your new brand and service provider. 

We are constantly investing in the development of our products and networks so that we can always offer you a state-of-the-art service. To be able to guarantee this in the future, we will adapt your connection.

The good news is that we can continue to offer you a great TV experience and fast internet.

Since your current hardware will no longer work, we will send you new hardware free of charge, which you can replace on your own.

For this purpose, we have prepared an overview which shows you how you can adapt the connection at your home.

Basically, there are two different connection types that you can find in your home. Please watch the information video in its entirety in order to successfully carry out the changeover at your home.


    This is your current installation, please follow the solution view

New installation

Before the installation can be made, your ONU Box must be uninstalled. For the new installation, please use only the cables and devices that you have received.

Do you use more than 1 TV set in other rooms?

Connect these TV sets to another TV box and the WLAN signal of the Sunrise Internet Box.

With the Mutibox option for CHF 10.–


    Frequently asked questions about switching:

  • No, in order to enjoy all the benefits, it is necessary to replace the existing UPC hardware with the latest Sunrise technology.
  • Yes, during the technical changeover, there may be an interruption of up to 30 minutes.
  • No, as Sunrise has to make technical changes to the network, the changeover will take place on the date indicated.
  • Yes, your current phone number will be taken over with the change and I will be active immediately after the changeover.
  • If you are unable to receive the units in person, your parcel will be taken to the nearest postal station for collection as usual. If the delivery of the equipment is unsuccessful, you must contact us by telephone to organise a new equipment shipment after the changeover.
  • You do not have to be at home during the changeover. The important thing is that your old devices no longer work after the switchover date. You can connect the new devices on any day after the changeover and enjoy your new services.
  • Yes, your current payment method will be transferred with the migration
  • When you switch to the new Sunrise TV box, your previous recordings and settings will be transferred. This can take up to 24 hours until the information is active.
  • With your new Sunrise service, your old modem and/or TV box will no longer be compatible, so we will send you your new device free of charge.
  • After replacing the modem, you can use the packaging received for the new modem with the return label and send back the old modem. The customer will not be charged if the old device is/are not returned.
  • As the interruption is abrupt during the day and can last up to 30 minutes, we recommend that you set up a mobile hotspot with your mobile phone during this time.
  • As the interruption is abrupt during the day and can last up to 30 minutes, we recommend that you set up a mobile hotspot with your mobile phone during this time.
  • Individual price adjustments are possible. You will find all details in the letter we will send you before the change.