Save 888.–

Superfast internet for 39.–/month

Huawei WiFi 5G Modem together with the Mobile Internet Unlimited 5G subscription for
only CHF 39.– instead of 76.– per month.

Save CHF 888. – the next 24 months!

Superfast internet

No installation needed, the Huawei WiFi 5G Modem is ready to be used and let you surf at super-shigh-speed!
  • When ordering a new Mobile internet unlimited 5G subscription together with a mobile phone plan for a new Huawei 5G Hotspot, you will receive a monthly discount of CHF 37.– on the rate for 24 months, with a minimum contract duration of 24 months.

    The discount will lapse definitively if you switch to a subscription with a lower basic fee. At the end of the 24-month period, the subscription will be billed at full price.

    Offer valid while stocks last.