With latest iPhone

Sunrise Smartphone Recycling Plan

Now even lower monthly charges for your iPhone

With the Smartphone Recycling Plan option, the monthly price for your iPhone is lower, and after two years you can still switch to the latest iPhone.

This is how it works: 

  • When purchasing the latest iPhone, choose the 30-month device plan and the free Smartphone Recycling Plan option is automatically included (only available with a down payment of CHF 1.00)

  • After two years, trade in the iPhone for the newest iPhone model and you will save the last 6 monthly installments of the device plan.
Tip: To ensure that your device is in good condition for the exchange in 12 months, we recommend that you add the Sunrise smart protect  insurance and protect your device with a case and screen protector film.

This is how you get the Smartphone Recycling Plan, which allows you to benefit from lower monthly charges

Does your iPhone fulfill our criteria for the Recycling Plan?

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