quick start Option

With the new Quick Start option, you can start surfing the web on the outstanding Sunrise mobile network even before your activation date.

Your advantages:

  • New: Available for all Sunrise Home orders starting immediately or for orders scheduled for less than 40 days in the future
  • Unlimited: Unlimited surfing with up to 4G high-speed Internet until your activation date
  • Easy: The 4G USB stick with a SIM card inside is preconfigured – simply plug it into the Sunrise Internet Box and start surfing
  • Secure: Additional backup solution in case of a failure of the landline connection during the first 12 months.
  • Fair: No follow-up costs – the option is automatically deactivated after 60 days

More information

  • Sunrise Home and Sunrise Home Unlimited.

    Available for Sunrise Home orders starting immediately or for orders scheduled for less than 40 days in the future.

  • Surfing via the Sunrise mobile network until your Internet connection is activated.

    No data limit, up to 4G high-speed.

    The USB LTE stick is preconfigured and ready to use.

  • If there is an interruption to the line during the first 12 months after activation, our Customer Service team will activate the Quick Start option to ensure you remain online (Internet and phone service). You will not be charged for this service.
  • The option is activated the day after you order.
  • One-time activation fee.

    No recurring charges.

    No follow-up charges in the case of reactivation within the first 12 months. 

  • Up until the activation date, place your Sunrise Internet Box with the inserted LTE USB stick in an area that has the best 4G reception (e.g. near a window).
  • To ensure that you can use all Sunrise Home services, please only use the USB LTE stick in combination with the Sunrise Internet Box. Mobile calling, SMS, and roaming are not possible. The Internet connection will be blocked if you use the SIM card with a different device.

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