Monthly price (CHF) 50.-

Monthly price (CHF) 50.- Instead of 50.-

Rate details

  • Surfing with High Speed 4G+

    5 GB in CH

  • Surfing with High Speed 4G+ (Roaming)

    Abroad (Region 1): 100 MB for CHF 1.50/day

  • Calls, SMS/MMS

    unlimited in CH

  • WhatsApp Messaging

    unlimited data in CH

  • Your Advantage

    TIDAL 6 months free HiFi Whitelisted data

  • Your Advantage

    50% discount SBB half-fare

  • Sunrise advantage

    10% combo discount

Other Rates

More information

We Mobile Mobile

  • This option is activated by default. After using up the 4G high-speed volume included in your We Mobile rate, it will allow you to keep on surfing automatically with 4G high-speed service for just CHF 1.20 per day. One day is counted starting from the time of first use until midnight of the same day.

    This option can be deactivated once or permanently deactivated, in which case you will be able to keep on surfing free of charge and without limitation but at a reduced speed (128 kbit/s).

  • WhatsApp data usage does not count towards the high-speed data volume included in the rate for Switzerland. Only valid for text, pictures, video files and audio recording.

    Data volume used to download WhatsApp, to make calls via WhatsApp (VoIP Calling), and any costs incurred when using the service are not included.

  • In Switzerland:

    In 20 KB increments.


    Region 1: In 100 KB increments
    Region 2: In 20 KB increments
    Region 3: In 20 KB increments

    Increments are billed per session. Every partially used unit will be billed as a full unit.

  • By the minute. Every partially used minute will be charged as a full minute.
  • The subscription is activated on the day you register or on the scheduled date if the number is being ported.
  • Generally no minimum duration. Some promotions have a contractual obligation of 24 months. Please check your contract, 


    see details at

  • The subscription can be cancelled any time with a cancellation period of 60 days.
  • Switching from one Sunrise We Mobile subscription to another is always free of charge. If you switch, the monthly high-speed data volume that has already been used on the previous rate will be counted against the data allowance of the new rate.
  • The basic fee is charged after activation. The basic fee is charged automatically each month until cancellation. If you register during the current billing month, the basic monthly fee will be charged on a prorated basis.
  • An unused data or call allotment for a specific period expires and will not be transferred to the next period.

Legal notice

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