5G Is Powering the Future

Go faster than ever with our 5G phone. Stream faster than ever before and download without Wi-Fi.

5G is powering the future

The next generation of Galaxy 5G devices

More Galaxy 5G devices

Unlock the future

Samsung used the ultimate strength and range of 5G so that a connected future becomes reality. The new Samsung devices are smarter than ever. Welcome to the N5xt Generation.

How 5G improves your life

Are you ready for the next generation of mobile Internet connection? With 5G, you'll experience incredible speeds, as it's 3x faster than 4G. Plus, 5G gives you lower delay times and reliable, real-time connections. So why will this improve your life?

Creativity meets technology

Creativity is unlimited

A tattoo artist in China can bring his art to life with the new 5G technology and a robot in Chicago can use this design simultaneously. Your inspiration becomes reality with 5G.

Upgrade Gaming

Game anywhere and anytime like in reality

Gaming gets a new dimension with VR and 5G devices. You will not need a controller anymore. In addition, the new 5G technology will make this possible almost without delay.

Become healthier

A better health and wellness.

The incredible development of wearables or even the possibility of monitoring patients even in remote areas enables a better and healthier life through connected devices.

Smart devices

Be connected with several devices

Real intelligence is possible through networking with 5G. For example, you can connect both your car and your smartphone and watch on your smart TV at the same time. This is smart.

Homes and cities become smart

Bring home the benefits.

Experience the benefits of 5G technology at home or on the way to work. You can bring a popular person from history or a movie character to life with AR. Or help your city reduce energy consumption. All this is possible with 5G.


Look forward to the new wireless technology. With our 5G devices you don't need WiFi for downloading and streaming anymore. You can share every moment of your life HyperFast.


This is where you find 5G from Sunrise

Since mid october 2019 we are supplying 384 cities/towns throughout Switzerland with 5G. Our first focus is to concentrate on customers who do not have a fibre-optic connection at home or in the company.

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