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The success of working from home starts with the quality of your WiFi connection. With more and more of us working from home, we are committed to providing solutions that give our customers the peace of mind to work effectively and stay connected to what matters the most. Because let’s face it, we already have enough to worry about…

Stay productive

Amplify your productivity with super fast and reliable up & download speeds. With We Home Max, we automatically upgrade your speed to the fastest available in your area. This means you can transfer large files, have high quality video calls and allow all your devices to be connected at the same time with the utmost efficiency.

Be in control

Balancing your work and personal life can be challenging, that’s why we offer a range of 5G mobile plans to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. Stay in touch with the people and things that matter the most, at home or on the go.
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Stay connected to what matters the most

Our Sunrise Smart Wifi adapts to you and your home, to deliver the best coverage. Have the peace of mind that you can work in any room, on any device, thanks to our new mesh WiFi pods. The smart technology constantly adapts to you, so whether you’re working from home or watching your favourite series and playing video games, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade your work station

With work locations becoming more flexible, a smartphone has become an essential tool for working on the go. Sunrise offer a wide range of devices to make sure you’re performing at your best.