Benefit Program

Discount Renewal

Your discount will expire soon
Don't forget to renew your discount and carry out the eligibility check.

Your discount has expired
You can apply for renewal of the discounts at any time if you still work at the same company or are a still a member of the same association.

Using the evidence agreed with your company/association, you can perform the check for renewal of your discount at a Sunrise shop, over the phone or online via your My Sunrise customer account. 

Proof for renewal
- The business e-mail address you have at the company
- Eligibility form (proof of eligibility for the employee    program)
- Member ID
- Badge

You can also register at a Sunrise Shop or over the phone with the eligibility form (proof of eligibility for the employee program, member ID, badge, etc.).

You can find out what type of evidence your company/association has decided to use to verify eligibility, information on the offers and promotions, as well as possibilities for assistance over the phone, on the landing page or intranet page of your company/association.

Renewal on My Sunrise
At the earliest 30 days prior to the end of the «Benefit Program» legitimation period, you can renew your discounts and those of your family members with one click.

1. Log in to My Sunrise.
2. Click on My products.
3. Scroll to the Benefit Program overview.

As soon as you are eligible for a renewal, a window will wppear above the overview to let you know that your discount is about to expire.

4. Click on Renew.

5. Authenticate yourself with your business e-mail address or a voucher code.

6. You will receive a confirmation link by e-mail.

7. Click on the confirmation link.