Price per day (CHF) 1.-

Price per day (CHF) 1.-

Rate details

  • Surfing with 4G

    1 GB / day included

More information

    • Sunrise Freedom (without super max) and Sunrise Take Away Freedom.
    • Speed upgrade for mobile Internet.

      Keep surfing with 4G high-speed Internet after the limited monthly included 4G high-speed data volumes of a Sunrise Freedom, MTV mobile Freedom or Sunrise Take Away Freedom subscription have been used up. 

      If the speed extra option is not activated, the speed will be reduced to 128 kbit/s (Sunrise Freedom).

    • With Sunrise Freedom and MTV mobile Freedom subscriptions, the option is activated by default.

      With Sunrise Take Away Freedom subscriptions, the option is deactivated by default and must be individually activated. 

    • An option that has not yet been activated or has been deactivated can be re-activated at any time.

      • Activate the option in My Sunrise.

      • Send an SMS with the text SPEED EXTRA to 5522.

      • Visit a Sunrise center or call our call center: 0800 707 505

    • The option can be individually deactivated for the current month. If the high-speed data volume has been used up and you do a one-time deactivation of the option, then you can continue to surf during the current month at a reduced speed and without additional costs. This one-time deactivation is possible at any time. For the following month, the option will be automatically re-activated.

      Deactivation methods:

      • When you receive the SMS informing you that your high-speed data volume has been used up, reply to this SMS with the text SPEED AUTO STOP.

      • Deactivation in My Sunrise.

    • The option can be permanently deactivated. Once your high-speed 4G data volume is used up, you can continue unlimited surfing in each subsequent month for free, but at a reduced speed (256 kbit/s).

      Deactivation methods:

      • Deactivation in My Sunrise.

      You can undo the permanent deactivation at any time at the same place.

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