One-time price (CHF) 69.90

One-time price (CHF) 69.90 Select

Rate details
  • Valid for a time period of 12 months
  • valid for region zone B
  • Surf 500 MB

Weitere Tarife

More information

  • Mobile subscriptions: Sunrise We Mobile, Fresh Mobile, Mobile Internet and other older mobile subscriptions.

    Prepaid: Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited, Sunrise Prepaid airbag, Sunrise Prepaid Young Whatsapp and older prepaid products

  • The option can be activated on the date of your choice within 12 months of registration. The option will be automatically activated when you start using roaming data for the first time.

    Activation always occurs according to the Swiss time zone. Pay attention to time differences.

  • Activation, deactivation, and duration of use are always executed based on the Swiss time zone. Pay attention to time differences.
  • The duration of 12 months starts when the option is activated. The duration is determined by the number of calendar days in the activation month and ends at the same time of day that it was activated.
  • The option ends automatically and is not renewed.
  • If you use up all of your included data volume before the duration of use is over, the data used from then until the end of the duration of use will be billed at the standard roaming rate.

    See roaming price list.

    Further data usage after the option ends can be blocked in in order to control costs.

  • If the data volume is used up before the duration period runs out, a new option can be purchased. If a new option is purchased when the data volume of the previous option has not yet been used up, the data volume of the first option will expire.
  • If the included credit for calls, SMS, or data connections is used up before the given duration period, these services will be billed at the standard rate until the end of the given duration. See roaming price list .
  • If your included credit is not used up within the given duration period, it will expire. It cannot be transferred to a newly purchased option.
  • No data clock rate

Rate calculation

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